Wednesday, 17 October 2012

malay in millennium

Back in the old days, Malay people follow exactly what their ancestor do. For example their tradition and their custom. Along with modernization, Malay people has open up and accept the west culture into their life and make it apart of them. for example, in wedding tradition. although the wedding clothes are still but they have improvised the wedding custom to become more modern than before. In the past, the people wedding custom is just simple. they wear Songkets and other accessories to look beautiful. And the cost of the wedding is much more affordable compare to nowadays.

However, they tend to forget where they belong because of the west culture. This is because the modern Malay people now has totally change. For instance, their lifestyle, clothes, behaviour, attitudes and many more. youngster nowadays rarely wear traditional clothes because it does not follow the latest trend. example of the traditional clothes are kain sarung, baju kurung, baju melayu, baju kedah, kebaya and so on.

Talking about attitudes, people nowadays are so rude compared to the people that lived in the past. Most of them do not know how to thank people or just pretend like that they do not know how to act accordingly and be polite. That is what happened in our culture nowadays.

To sum up, malay culture have their own spices. We are still preserve our tradition but at the same time we are open to outside and accepting the western culture and face it to make like us. for more information, you may click this hyperlink to see the uniqueness of the malay people

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