Monday, 15 October 2012

malay traditional food. part 2

Among the popular traditional Malaysian food such as Malay dishes that include many types of rendang such as beef rendang, lamb and chicken in coconut milk, satay a skewered meat in peanut sauce, a various types of glutinous rice cooked inside a banana leaf, ikan bilis a dried anchovies fried in a sauce and served with rice.

The lontong is Malaysian food that made of compressed rice wrapped inside banana leaf that is then cut into small cakes as staple food replacement of steamed rice. The smaller size of lontong filled with vegetables such as carrot, common bean and potato. Sometimes it also filled with meat, are eaten as snack.
Lontong is traditionally made by boiling the rice until it is partially cooked and packing it tightly into a rolled-up banana leaf. The leaf is secured and cooked in boiling water for about 90 minutes. Once the compacted rice has cooled, it can be cut up into bite-sized pieces.

The murtabak is popular Malaysian food recipe, but many visitors miss out on this murtabak treat because many eateries promote naan and tandoori chicken over it.
It is basically a plain roti canai, a pan-fried bread with an omelets-like stuffing with eggs and onions with chicken, beef or mutton with either curry sauce or dahl for it sauce.

Penang Mee Rebus
Penang Mee Rebus is just beautiful and rich in colour. It is combination of sour and savoury in taste.
The noodles and bean sprouts are first blanched and the thick sweet potatoes gravy then poured into the noodle.
The toppings consist of fried bean curd, boiled potatoes and eggs then finally garnished with a piece of lime, spring onion and chillies.

Nasi Campur
Nasi Campur is mixed rice in Malay and refers to a plate of white rice that you fill in your plate whatever suits your taste from the counter depend on which area you go.
Nasi campur counter can have up to hundred different dishes covering everything you can think of from vegetables to the fish and types of meat.
People usually add some ulam and Sambal Belacan that has famous aromatic sauce made of a grind mixture of shrimp paste, salt, chilies and lime juice that spice up your meal.

Terengganu Nasi Dagang
Trengganu Nasi Dagang which is said is the rice that was eaten by trader on their business journey.
The dish is mixes of rice and glutinous rice with coconut milk added once it is cooked. The rice is eaten with tuna curry and light vegetable pickles.
Nasi dagang is, perhaps one of the most popular Malaysian traditional food representing food for states of Terengganu.

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